Product groups


Horticultural products

  • Peat and professional substrates of these brands: FLORCOM, KLASMANN, PINDSTRUP, DOMOFLOR
  • Mulch pine and spruce bark FLORCOM.
  • Pine bark PINASTER – direct import from Spain
  • Bamboo sticks and trellis, reed mats, split bamboo
  • Grass panels
  • Ceramsite, coconut fiber
  • Modiform growing pots and own production. Sizes 1-7,5 cm.
  • The pots by MODIFORM, SOPARCO
  • Decorative and hanging baskets, window boxes in various colors and shapes.
  • Fertilizer brands – COMPO, Terrasan, EXPERT, Kemira, YARA-Borealis, ICL, Bi-Stim, ACHP Levice. Cow and poultry manure packed in various sizes.
  • Agricultural film, mulching film, non-woven textile, agritextile in various sizes.
  • Knitted bags, woven bags, PE bags in various colors and sizes.
  • Wide range of the garden tools, hobby irrigation, garden pipes.
  • Different types and sizes of the Mythos sprays for the common garden irrigating. Spare parts and accessories.
  • Shading nets packed in different sizes and packages, also scrolled – direct import
  • Grass seed – Barenbrug, DLF-Trifolium, lawn edging, meshwork Polynet and AVINET – protection against talpa .
  • Wide range of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators and stimulator. Different packages and sizes.

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Závlahy a čerpadlá

Irrigation systems

We offer components to complete construction of automatic irrigation systems in residential gardens, parks, football and golf courses.
We are selling irrigation systems from world renowned brands such as:
A provide a wide variety of tubes and pipes, fittings and coupling components, controllers for small and large systems.
You will find in our offer various irrigation technologies, which are the drip irrigation, impact sprinklers and drip hoses basic range.

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Bazénová technika

Swimming pool technology

We are a wholesaler offering a wide range of products for the construction of a pool. Our customers are professionals, installer. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. We provide a technical support and guarantee and after guarantee service. We have following products in our product range. Liners – ALKORPLAN, ELBE, Filtrations – PENTAIR, KRIPSOL, Pumps – PENTAIR, SPECK, SACI, Stainless steel accessories – HUGO LAHME, Water quality management – ZODIAC, BLUE LAGOON, IDEGIS, ASEKO. Heaters – ZODIAC, MICROWELL. Vacuum cleaner – ZODIAC, Solar showers – FORMIDRA.

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Kúpacie jazero


We offer a wide range of components for construction of ponds and water gardens. Customers can find in our offer various products from OASE, TMC, TRIPOND, HAILEA, UBBINK, VELDA, SERA, WEITZ-WASSERWELT, BIOKLAR, geotextiles, PVC and EPDM liners and accessories.

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Okrasné kamene

Stone products

Decorative stones and accessories – different sorts of a natural stone for a decoration will make your garden or rockery nicer.
We offer more than 500 sorts of stone. It is mostly the marble, limestone, travertine, lava stones, limestone, granite, river gravel and other. From the tiles and paving we offer andesite, limestone, sandstone, slate and other.

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Záhradné osvetelenie

Garden lights

  • 12V lighting LED
  • spotlights
  • post lighting
  • decorative lighting
  • dusk-down sensors
  • motion sensors
  • remote control


Water pumps

Our company is selling a wide range of pumping equipment from European and Asian suppliers.
We work with brands like: APD Technology, Saer, Speroni, DWT group, Leo, Shimge, Electroil, Watertech, Aquapress and others.
We offer technologies for pumping clean, drinking water, water for irrigation purposes and drainage.

In our offer are:

  • wide range of various diameter stainless steel submersible pumps,
  • modern design home water automatic pressure systems,
  • stainless steel and cast iron self-priming, centrifugal surface pumps,
  • drainage and sewage pumps

We design equipment for protection and management of the operation of pumping systems, working with high-tech control pumps.
Our technical staff provides professional consulting in selecting the right pump as required. Our solutions are always optimized according to technical and pricing requirements.

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Service, Consulting, Projection

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all products in our portfolio. We support our customers by technical help at selecting proper products for their needs and at an installation. We provide a projection of irrigation systems in residential gardens and public areas.


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