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TTAK√ĀCS obchodn√° spolońćnosŇ•

The company operates in the Slovak market since 1994. After the transformation of the company into a company limited in 2004 the firm has profiled as a wholesale company owned by the founder.

We are selling a wide range of products used in a landscaping, a water supply, and a gardening. Our partners are the trading companies and the professionals dealing with sales, installation of irrigation, gardens, garden lakes, ponds and swimming pools, parks and sports facilities, installation of water pump equipment and planters as well.

The firm represents a number of renowned producers. Our customers can find the products from European and American manufacturers as well as high-quality, affordable alternatives form Asian manufacturers in our wide offer. Our company pays a high priority for supplier selection in order to provide customers products of with proven good experience. In our service center we provide warranty and post warranty service.


We offer goods divided into the following segments:

  • Automatic irrigation systems ‚Äď HUNTER, TORO, K-RAIN, RAIN BIRD and accessories ‚Äď hoses, fittings, valves.
  • Water pump technology ‚Äď submersible, self-priming and circulators, intelligent control and additional accessories
  • Pond technology ‚Äď film, pumps, filters, UV lamps, biological and mechanical filtration and accessories
  • Swimming pool technology ‚Äď liners, pumps, filters, UV lamps, water treatment, cleaners, pool chemicals, accessories
  • Horticultural products ‚Äď bark, a wide variety of substrates and fertilizers, different types of fabrics (shielding, woven, agro, geotextiles), and a water garden program, troughs and pots, lawn seed etc.
  • Decorative stones and accessories ‚Äď different kinds of machined and natural stones and gravel from different parts of the world, paving and straps, stepping stones, stone masonry, garden ornaments, sitting on stone and wood and so on.
  • An essential part of our activities are regular training courses at our training center and design, professional ‚Äď consulting support.

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